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No matter the industry, size or location of a business, they all have essential financial management requirements. From start-ups that need basic accounting solutions and guidance on compliance, to multinational corporates with fully-fledged financial departments...

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Mobility and Exponential Technologies

by Simon Carpenter, Chief Technology Advisor at SAP Africa It has been a long journey; one that started slowly and then accelerated at an exponential pace as we moved from the first wheel 5,000 years ago to the first steam-powered vehicle in the late 1700s to the...

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Less time at the pump, more fun on the road

Due to increasing crude oil prices and exchange rate depreciation, South Africans now pay record prices for fuel at filling stations. In fact, on Wednesday, the fuel price increased by 99 cents and R1 per litre respectively for 93 Octane and 95 Octane, while the price...

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Automation testing skills define the future

In 2016, the global test automation market was valued at around $US16 billion. In a study done by Zion Market Research, the company also predicted that this market will reach $US55 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of just over 23% from 2017. Driven by digital...

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