Q and A on online backup with Thomas Honiball

Q and A with Thomas Honiball, Head of Technical & Support, Soteria Online Backup Why online backup? Online & Cloud backups are scheduled and are automatic. This means that as long as your device is connected to the internet, the backup will be done automatically for...

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Q and A on ransomware with Ross Saunders

RS - Ross Saunders, Director: Global Technology Services at Cura Software Solutions What is ransomware? RS: Ransomware is a piece of malicious software, similar to a virus, which holds your data hostage by means of encryption or data theft. It is normally delivered by...

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Fintech: Opportunity or threat?

Ashley Veasey, Group Chief Information Officer & Chief Digital Officer, Barclays Africa Group explains why fintech is important for Barclays and why the bank is investing in local fintech startups.

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