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New Car-safety Tech Benefits Both Drivers and Bikers

Many road users have a love/hate relationship with motorbikes. Used for a myriad reasons, including personal transportation, courier services, or takeaway food deliveries, they are an important part of our traffic eco-system, and fulfil a critical economic and...

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Mitsubishi’s ASX flagship gets more exclusive

Mitsubishi has taken the design of its flagship ASX, the GLS CVT, to a new level of class, creating a stylish frontal appearance and an impressive on-road presence. At the same time, the rear view and side appearance have also been updated with new finishing features...

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BMW launches the X2 locally

BMW has launched the latest addition to its popular X range of SUVs (although BMW refer to the X2 as an sports activity vehicle or SAV) - the X2, which boasts coupe-like good looks and SUV practicality. Styling elements include the placement of the brand logo on the...

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