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Spring cleaning your Android home screen

It’s Spring time! and many of us are cleaning out the clutter in our closets and cupboards, putting away the winter woollies and sprucing up our homes. While you’re about it, why not get rid of some of the unwanted and unneeded apps and widgets littering the home...

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Better life decisions with AI

By Vaughan Rowsell, CEO of Vend When you think about artificial intelligence and how it will impact our daily life, what are the images you conjure up? Intelligent robot companions that clean and cook and keep you company? A disembodied voice that controls your car,...

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The future of work in a digital world

by Cathy Smith, Managing Director at SAP Africa The digital age, and the new technologies it’s brought with it - blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality - is seen by many as a threat to our way of life as we know it....

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